School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine
To request MSIS accounts, select the option from the left. Once the accounts have been created, you will be contacted at the extension that you provide.

The accounts that are created by default are NT/Exchange 2000 accounts, and an email address entry. Also select the correct department since there may be shared resources for that department that will need to be provided.

Please provide the info requested so that it may be placed in the MSIS directory. The MSIS directory is also the Exchange directory, so that the info you provide will be available in the Outlook Address Book for those on the Medical School's Exchange system. If you already have an account and would like to update your information, visit the Online Directory.

To notify us of an account termination, select that option from the left. Account terminations would be for those people that have left the Medical School. Account terminations can be requested by anyone though you will be contacted for further information before the request will be processed. Accounts to be terminated will be disabled and removed from the system in 30 days.

Any accounts with expired passwords of more than 30 days will be treated as abandoned accounts and disabled and slated for deletion. This includes accounts with mailboxes and accounts that forward to DMC or Karmanos.

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